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Product Lifecycle Management Consulting Establishes Internet Presence

January 13, 2003 --

PLM Consulting announced today that they have established a Web site and is located at

PLM consulting is committed to providing leadership and consulting services in the development and management of the Product Lifecycle process. In order for companies to remain competitive in this rapidly changing economy, projects must be completed on time, on budget and exceed stakeholder's expectations. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a process that can consistently deliver great products on time.

With this Web site PLM consulting will able to provide information and direction to help people understand the benefits and requirement in establishing a Product Lifecycle Process.

Bruce Schwickrath President of PLM Consulting said “ 70% of all projects fail, and companies that don’t use a Lifecycle Process to develop new products will expend resources and capital on developing products that will be late to market or not meet the market requirements.”

Predictability of product delivery is critical for market launch success and the product development processes can be a competitive weapon to get the product to the market first. Constant delays to product introductions can jeopardize a company’s ability to make a profit.

Bruce Schwickrath has over 20 years in engineering and manufacturing program management. Expert in Product Lifecycle process and have written and introduced the process at several companies like Exabyte, Maxtor, Fujitsu and McDATA.


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